Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sadie the Cleaning Lady frock

I got this old pattern in a bulk lot from Ebay and decided to give it a go because I've been wanting to make a shirt dress for a while now. The measurements on the pattern envelope just happened to match my weird proportions (small bust and small hips, with comparitively large waist and bottom) perfectly, because it's a teen pattern. So I have the measurements of an undeveloped pre-teen. Great :/


I used this stuff that I bought from Spotlight for $4/m 2 years ago. I originally thought it was drill as it has a kind of drilly look to it (diagonal weavey-type thing) but it's far too soft to be drill. So I have no fecking idea what it is but it was super easy to sew with.

I basted the whole thing first in case I needed to take it in or let it out, but I was happy with the fit. I probably should have used the 6 buttons it told me to use instead of 4 but I liked them spaced out like this.


It's a tiny bit tight across the back but I can deal with it. I don't like the sleeves at all. Next time I make it I'll put some cute puffy sleeves on it so it looks less like a cleaning woman's uniform.

Stupid derpy derp face

It's super comfy and I really like it, despite its hideous dagginess. Next I'm going to make the long sleeved version and add some pockets.

This cost about $9 including the buttons, which I purchased specifically for this dress.

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